Mardi Gras Mobile Safety and Parking Tips

Parades Roll in Downtown Mobile Tonight!

Tonight, the Conde Cavaliers will take to the streets and we fully enter the Carnival season. Not that everything else comes to a standstill (just most everything!). The Mobile Police and Fire departments are distributing some helpful Mardi Gras safety and parking tips, designed to make your downtown experience a great one. 

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From the Mobile Police Department

  • Do not cross barricades ($298 fine!)
  • Glass containers and underage drinking are not allowed
  • Park vehicles in secure areas, lock your car, and do not leave valuables in sight. 
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Lost children: parents should place an identity card in children's pockets in the event they become separated from each other
  • Be aware of the special Mardi Gras No Parking areas.

For more safety tips and parking restrictions, click here.

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Where NOT to Park

Last year, 300 vehicles parked illegally were towed. To avoid the inconvenience and expense ($125), pay attention to the purple and gold No Parking signs.

There is no parking on the listed South- side Parade Routes.

• Church St. between Washington Ave. and Claiborne St.

• Canal St. Service Road between Lawrence St. and Dearborn St.

• Conti St. between Royal St. and Common St.

There is no parking on the listed Northside Parade Routes.

• Lawrence St. between Beauregard St. and Congress St.

• Warren St. between St. Anthony St. and Congress St.

• Dr. King Ave. between Lexington Ave. and Lafayette St.

• St. Stephens Road between Lexington Ave. and Lafayette St.

Parade-goers may park on any side streets that allow parking, but should not block any businesses or residential driveways. Parking is allowed at the Mobile Civic Center, the Mobile Convention Center, and Cooper Riverside Park parking lot.

mobile mg no parking

From the Mobile Fire Department

  • DO NOT park so that fire hydrants are blocked
  • DO NOT obstruct fire hydrants in any manner
  • DO NOT place any items such as chairs, grills, coolers, etc. in intersections or between curbs of public streets during the parades 
  • Drivers should be prepared to move out of the way of approaching fire apparatus or other emergency vehicles. Merge as far as possible to the right of the roadway and come to a complete stop when safe to do so.
  • Property and business owners should be mindful of capacities for restaurants, buildings and balconies
  • Viewing stands should be inspected for safety and must not obstruct hydrants or emergency access

Open flames are prohibited

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